PlantCT TM

PlantCTTM is a CT scanner for plants.
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Annual yield loss amounts to 30-40% of total crop production in general.

it can be reduced

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A site specific management system which continuously monitors the plants, and can reduce the impact of harmful weather events on crops and helps the user to intervene in time. Try the DEMO to meet with the PlantCT™’s features.

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pest detection

With an automated spore trap, the warning system is able to alert growers to the disease risk in the concentration level of airborne pathogens – like downy mildew, powdery mildew, grey mould, etc.  –  in vineyards or orchards.

The system recognizes the type of insects and will help you to choose the most effective and environmentally friendly solution and spraying method. With the PlantCTTM  system the users can follow simultaneously the growth of the BBCH, the flight curve and the number of captured insects per day.



The leaf surface sensor is a very handy tool for plant areas with a lot of variants and checks the current phenological state of a possible infection threat. The sensor creates small images which it sends to the PlantCT™ system’s backend server for further analysis.

The canopy sensor allows the user a broad view of the events around the PlantCT™ station. It can monitor the BBCH stages of the plants,  the development of the leaves, the weather conditions and the quality of the completed agro-technical operations.

decision support

Used as a disease/pest warning system, a DSS helps users to determine when to apply control measures to suppress diseases and pests. The forecasting system gives predictions by using mathematical models, provides a warning message to the customer about the risk level based on these models. Risk evaluations are no substitute for decision making but they help to inform on choice in using a chemical application.

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Our customers said

“Our mission is to produce top quality wines in a sustainable way. Using the disease management function we have managed to both increase our yield and reduce our environmental footprint. Knowing the exact type of risk we can plan our plant protection strategy accordingly, and defuse situations before they become an emergency. SmartVineyard has helped us steer through without any significant losses, which cannot be said of many vineyards in our area.”    More customer information…

The motivation and the engagement behind the project

Our mission is to make plants healthier and contribute to a greener environment. Our solutions and dedicated team members all fight to achieve this goal. More about us…

Our strong ties with institutes, schools, universities helps information flow and knowledge management. PlantCT™ takes and active role in the education of the next generation of viticulturists. Would you like to join us?

To deliver the best solution, always on time – that is what motivates us. We are dedicated to supporting our clients with the perfect combination of hardware and services.