Mi is az a BBCH-skála és miért foglalkozunk vele?

An important criterion for modern crop protection is to know the exact developmental stage of the crops we grow, as more and more agrotechnical operations and a significant part of crop protection treatments require increasingly precise timing. This is why the BBCH scale has been developed to give an accurate description of the development of many crops, including grapes.

In this scale, which uses a decimal numbering system, similar growth stages of each plant are given similar codes according to a set of rules. Based on these codes, the scale is divided into main and secondary growth stages, so that similar growth stages of each plant are assigned similar codes. The first digit of the codes refers to the main growth stage, the second digit to the secondary growth stage.

In the case of grapes, PlantCT has calculations of the developmental stage of the crop, which we have made available to our growers to help them make the smartest possible decisions. These calculations are constantly checked and corrected where necessary to ensure the most accurate results. In the future, we would like to expand our activities to include other crops, which our team is currently working on.

Máté Havasi
plant health specialist
PlantCT Europe Zrt.