How our pathogens overwinter in the vineyard II – Peronospora

Grape peronospora (Plasmopara viticola), which prefers warm and humid weather, is a well-known and dangerous pathogen of grapes that attacks both leaves and bunches. The bunches are susceptible to infection until the shrivelling period, while the leaves are susceptible, to a decreasing extent, until the end of the growing season.

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Integrated pest management

The cornerstone of the cultivation of economic crops (including grapes) is their protection from various pathogens and pests that threaten both the quantity and quality of the harvest.

The use of plant protection products, which are classified as less toxic, can also place a significant burden on the environment, the person applying the product and the consumer.

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Integrated pest management against grape pathogens

Integrated pest management for grapes starts before the planting of the vineyard, by selecting the right area for planting, as integrated production of grapes is easier to achieve in a site that is as suitable as possible for the needs of the plant. It is advisable to avoid areas with low altitude, frost and a humid and damp microclimate, which is favourable to various pathogens.

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