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What your investment means to …

… You. The possibility to profit from an environment–friendly, high-tech device which can revolutionize agricultural practice. If you’re using PlantCT(TM) your yield loss will decrease, you can reduce spraying, scan and look after your plants, collect valuable data on your fields, plan one step ahead of the weather, the infections and save money while doing so.

Us. The help to continue our work. To continue the development of our devices to make them even more efficient, compact  and user friendly. To create specialized, diverse devices, for new plant cultures.

…The world. One of the many steps into a new agricultural era that avoids the overuse of pesticides, the degradation of the environment and productivity of the soil. The hope that one day we will achieve a high agricultural efficiency without reducing our food sources by a lack of technical development.

Meet with one of our existing investors...

EU Fundation

„Agrotech startup,PlantCT(TM), a cutting-edge grape disease diagnostic and forecasting technology received €1 million European Union support for product scaling.”

As a Hungarian agricultural plant protection technology company which ambitions to turn microclimatic and organic data into plant disease-forecasts to end the overuse of pesticides in agriculture we’ve achieved a great success by getting the European Union’s largest R&D fund known as Horizon 2020.

“Agriculturists frequently base their decisions of when to spray on intuitions and are, understandably, overly cautious, leading to a significant overuse of pesticides. We strongly believe that unlocking the power of very qualitative and quantitative agro-data sets could revolutionize plant protection activities.”

– Csaba Arendas, CEO of PlantCT TM

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