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If your customers want to have greater control over their fields and be able to make their production more eco–friendly, and so less expensive, then why not join our Partner Program and introduce them to PlantCTTM ?

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What is PlantCT (TM) ?

A new way to make plants and the world healthier

  • The PlantCTTM  helps customers to reduce their costs by saving water, pesticides, spraying and avoiding unnecessary work on the fields.
  • PlantCTTM  can predict weather conditions, detect pests, spores and diseases and help to protect the plants in time.
  • With this system the yield loss will decrease. Over spraying will be reduced, chemical treatments will be correctly timed and the environment remains unharmed.
  • The PlantCTTM  can provide infield data a farmer can need. Starting from the very basic information like temperature and humidity, to more specific ones like leaf wetness, microclimatic and organic data. The information will be analyzed and organized automatically.

Help us to bring about a new era in agriculture where farmers can easily track events on their fields by using a laptop or smartphone linked to a smart device guarding their plants.

How to promote PlantCT (TM) ?
  • Recommend PlantCTTM to your customers or business partners – send them an email.
  • Link PlantCTTM  on your webpage or blog
  • Write a blog post and mention PlantCTTM
  • Promote PlantCTTM with paid advertising

And these are just a few examples of the many possibilities you can choose from.

Meet our exisiting partners ...
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