How it’s made?


PlantCT TM is made by several high precision engineering manufacturers in Hungary -among them is a traditional machine tool company, called Csepel Excel – who use ultra-precision machinery to produce our finished components with a high-quality surface and great accuracy. 

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Some of our other components are made by the Fornax 2002 Kft., who are a company specialized in designing and manufacturing astronomical products.

We chose aluminum for the PlantCT’s cover, as it has outstanding weather resistance, an ideal weight, and is very robust and durable.

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To summarize, we strive to make our devices as reliable and robust as technically possible so as to be able to withstand extreme weather conditions with warranted support year in and out. PlantCTTM’s high-quality design and production will provide you with a premium device that has ongoing and long-term product and development support.

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